Bu Zhong Yi Qi Tang

November 7th was Li Dong(beginning of the Winter) by the 24 solar-terms. Starting Li Dong, our mother Earth's energy has greater Yin than Yang. In Los Angeles, weather is finally getting chilly as well. If you look around you, nature is getting ready to meet the Winter Season. Trees shed leaves to preserve energy for the winter and animals starts to prepare for their hibernation. We should be getting ready as well! So... Here's one herbal formula that I want to share with you. 

[BuZhongYiQiTang(补中益气汤) + fangfeng, Xixin, XinYiHua, JingJie, ChuanXiong, 

Bohe, ZiSuYe]

This formula was created by Li Dong-yuan and was first published in "Treatise on the Spleen and Stomch" (Pi Wei Lun) in 1249.  It is widely used to replenish Qi of the body and to promote physical strength. Added herbs will help boosting your immune system and prepare your body to fight the cold. If you had flu shots in mind, how about trying herbal tea instead?

If you have any question regarding the herbs please email me at acurepuncture@gmail.com or 
ask your local acupuncturist!