Get the most out of your Acupuncture Session!

Are you Interested in maximizing the benefit from your acupuncture sessions at Raah Natural Care? Check out these tips below. 
1) Fill out intake forms. Completely.
Although some of the questions may seem unrelated to your condition, every little detail provide me a clue to figuring out your core issue. It allows me to create your customized treatment plan based on your unique constitution, health history, and current symptoms. 
There are a couple of sections on the intake form that I would consider critical. Make sure to list any prescription medications, vitamins and/or herbal medications, significant medical history (such as low blood sugar, hepatitis, or seizures), and allergies – including to foods. Not knowing you are allergic to cats during the treatment probably won’t ruin your day. Not knowing you are allergic to shellfish when I prescribe certain Chinese herbs will.
2) Eat a light snack or a meal at least two hours before your appointment.
To get the most out of Acupuncture session, your body need some energy to work with. If your session is in the morning, please don't skip breakfast. Ideally, you don’t want to be too hungry or too full.
3) Skip brushing/scraping your tongue before your appointment.
Observing your tongue is simple and easy yet very important diagnostic method. It can be used to determine the condition of the Organs, whether your pattern is Excess or Deficient, Hot or Cold, and to evaluate the level of body fluids. Please avoid drinking coffee or any foods with color that can change your tongue color before your session.
4) Silence your cell phone.
This is your time to rest, relax and heal. You wouldn't want the Radiation from your cellphone to disrupt the flow of Qi while getting Acupuncture. 
5) Follow-up with your practitioner.
Successful Acupuncture session relies on good teamwork. Giving feedback on your last session and reporting any changes or new symptoms is very important so that the treatment can be adjusted accordingly.
6) Schedule and keep regular appointments.
This is especially important if you are dealing with a chronic condition. You may feel some benefit after the first treatment but don’t stop there or your problem will likely return. Acupuncture has a cumulative effect. Several appointments scheduled at regular intervals can help you achieve more progress than sporadic appointments scheduled only when symptoms are at their worst.
7 ) Take herbal tea EXACTLY as prescribed.
There are many types of herbal products out in the market but I believe taking the herbal decoction works the best if you follow the instruction as prescribed. It's like custom made suits fit way better than off-the-rack suits. Custom herbal teas made only for you requires a lot of knowledge and experience and takes a lot of time formulating, cooking and packing but they do work the best. Acupuncture can help you fix and build stronger structure but not with the nutrition. 
8) Practice the lifestyle recommendations.
Take charge of your health and well-being. I may recommend adjustments to your diet, exercise and many other suggestions but these tips require a level of commitment and involvement. Like I said earlier, we need to work as a team. It is all of the little things we do day in and day out to honor our health and well-being that allow us to lead the life we choose.