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For patients who already maxed out of acupuncture benefits from health insurances or anyone suffering from chronic issues without health insurance, we have acupuncture treatment package at a great price. This program includes 10 Acupuncture sessions + 2 sets of herbal tea. Experience the holistic healing power of Acupuncture and herbs by taking advantage of this deal!


Our body is designed to maintain perfect balance when healthy. However, due to physical and emotional stress, our body can store fat or water as a result of imbalance between qi and blood. By reading all of the signs your body manifest carefully, we can tonify or sedate your energies to restore the balance by addressing the core issue. Once your qi & blood balance is back in track, your body will do the work. This package includes 10 Sessions of Target Area Care + 10 Acupuncture session + 2 Set of Balance/Detox Herbal Tea.



Most acne is caused by an internal problem and will only clear up after fixing the core issue. Depending on what type of your acne is and where your breakout shows, acne treatment should be approached differently. Along with the right diet and exercise suggestion, 10 Sessions of Acne Facial Treatment with specially formulated herbal mask + 10 Sessions of Acupuncture + 2 Set of Acne Herbal Tea will make a huge difference on your mind, body and beauty.


If you are looking to naturally refresh your look try our Facial Rejuvenation Program. It includes 10 sessions of facial acupuncture + 10 collagen facial Massage + 2 Sets of Herbal decoction. This program is a natural anti-aging treatment that's intended to stimulate the body's healing energies and increase circulation to reduce wrinkles, fine lines and folds. Combination of facial massage, acupuncture facelift, and Collagen mask, RF, plus herbal tea will freshen your look inside out.  


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