Dr. Justin is truly a God send! My husband and I started acupuncture with Justin to address fertility issues. He ultimately healed my insides after a diagnosis of endometriosis. I am so happy to share that we are expecting our first child in September! After nearly two years of trying. He reassured me that I didn't need expensive fertility treatments. He really was there for me and my husband during a difficult time in our lives. He was always there to talk to us about every detail of all of our treatments. I am so grateful that I put my trust in his treatments! I really can't thank Justin and his wife Karen enough for making it possible to step into parenthood. If you have any doubts about acupuncture, me and my unborn child are living proof that it is truly healing! I have gained a passion for this medicine form, and have encouraged many loved ones to give it a try. There is no one I would recommend more than Dr. Justin at Raah Natural Care! Thank you so much for sharing your healing gift!  - Micah B.
Justin is a modern day shaman. He is a natural healer. I am so grateful to have come across this amazing gem of a human being. I can literally go on forever about how lucky I feel that I am able to be given his care.
I am new to acupuncture and was recently diagnosed with endometriosis. The condition itself is super enigmatic and not a lot is known in western medicine about the cause, not to mention the cure. After a few doctors tried to cover up the problem with birth control and basically threw their hands up, I decided it was time to seek out natural healing. When I had my first consultation with Justin, it was a PROFOUND experience. Someone, finally, knew enough and cared enough to listen and explain the root cause of the issue. I knew the holistic approach to eastern medicine would align with my worldview, but I had no idea how powerful my journey with acupuncture would be.
After seeing him for several weeks now, I have had so many different experiences on the acupuncture table. I am naturally very empathetic and sensitive to energy, and it's amazing to have an instant reaction to the needles. I am still only beginning this health journey, but I already feel amazing results. I feel more grounded, more myself, I have more mental clarity, and best of all so much less pain. 
I tell everyone about Raah Natural Care, and want everyone I care about to see Justin. My boyfriend is now his patient as well a couple of coworkers. 
Again, I can't say enough. I am so happy to see all of the other amazing reviews. To see someone sharing such a gift is inspiring. I know so much success and fulfillment lies ahead for him and his wife Karen. - Erika D.
At the recommendation of a friend, I've been going to Raah Natural Care for acupuncture treatment for the last 2 months.  When I started, I was a wreck.  My feet were arthritic, my back hurt, my digestion was off, and I had NO energy.  I know there were other things bothering me but I  can't remember because I feel so much better now.  I get so much useful information from Justin regarding health, diet and the body in general.  The eastern way of treating the cause rather than the symptoms make so much sense.  The path to healing may be longer, but finally much more effective than taking western medications that generally mask symptoms and do little in the way of actual healing.
I work for an organization called GrowGood coordinating  and facilitating a mindfulness / meditation / healing group at The Salvation Army Bell Shelter Wellness Program (addiction recovery).   Justin takes time out of his busy schedule to make monthly appearances, freely sharing his knowledge about acupuncture, teas, acupressure, nutrition, and methods of 'self care' to the 15 - 20 men and women who attend.  That's called giving back!!!  Thanks Justin!! You are helping more than you know.
Justin and his wife Karen are both gentle, genuine and caring.  I will soon be  enjoying some of Karen's natural skin care procedures, which I have heard great things about!!! - Jayne T.
Thee best acupuncture I've ever received. Justin is in tune with things that need attention and is dedicated to educating and helping you maintain the best health for you. He is kind, gentle and welcoming. The office is so comfortable and nicely lit with great aesthetic and tea available. The equipment used is top of the line. I feel so centered and relaxed when I leave as well as feeling like I have a handle on my health routine with Justin's guidance. Justin believes that we can heal ourselves naturally and he truly wants to help us get to that point in the best way that works for us. Highly recommend Raah Natural Care. - Zohn M.
Dr Justin for me is just the best, He speaks English fluently and I was able to express my worries and he was able to explain to me the procedures.He cares for his patients, and he treats the source of my issues and not just the symptoms. Treatment is as holistic as it gets.He gave me series of herbal teas and the treatments I received include acupuncture, infrared, quasha(?) with some jade stuff, and twice another doctor came in to help in my treatment, i think he is a chiropractor. I have finished my 10 sessions and it is so worth it! - Ig G. 
Justin is incredible! I just had my first acupuncture session every and he was able to help me and relieve me more than all the different doctors I've seen in a year because of my condition with chronic sinus infection and blocked ears. And he's so helpful, answered every question I had, even about my husband and dog! Can't wait to continue treatment with him. - Mandy M.
Dr. Chung is very understanding and caring, his facility is also inviting and professional. He took the time to explain any procedures he was doing and explained it thoroughly, it was very easy to understand! The acupuncture itself was more pleasantly peaceful than I expected. I went in seeking help for chronic kidney infections and Dr. Chung helped address the problem and pointed out my energy level was low as well. He was very informative and even after one session I could already feel a difference. I can tell that he really cares about his patients because he even recommended different exercises and processes to follow throughout the week in between sessions which have helped increase my energy tremendously. Now, every time I leave his office I feel very well taken care of, relaxed, and at peace. I have never done acupuncture before, but he helped me realize it is an ongoing process and now I look forward to my visits. I would highly recommend Dr. Chung to anyone who is seeking a great experience in acupuncture! - Amber S.
Wow! This is a hidden Gem. I received such incredible care, compassion, and respect. I also felt really really good after I left. I learned so much more than I was expecting... I learned about what I should be eating, how certain problems were linked to others, and how to lead a healthier life. It is way more than just acupuncture. Everyone should go here. - Caroline L.
Hugh fan of Organic and only believe in USDA Certified Organic. Me and my wife will always enjoy their accommodating service. If you are looking for safe and quality acupuncture and organic skincare, this must be the place to visit. Especially in love with their organic skincare program. Refreshing! Safe! It works!! - Ryan I.
I have had back and shoulder pains for a while, but after recieving acupuncture from Dr. Justin it has gotten much better! I also tried the organic skin products and my skin has become brighter and is no longer dry. I can see and feel the improvements, so I am very satisfied! My skin is extremely sensitive, even to simple make up, but I had no problems after using them! I feel that people who have difficulties with their skin would benefit a lot from these treatments. It is also very convenient that I could recieve skin care at the same location. He is very knowledgeable, caring, and makes you feel comfortable. The office is very clean and the equipment is advanced. I am so glad I found a good doctor like Justin, and I plan to continute to recieve treatments from him! - Mee H.
Raah Natural Care is becoming my home away from home! I was a little hesitant to try acupuncture but Justin just made me feel so rejuvenated. He currently has me on a gluten free and dairy free diet and I'm definitely feeling a lot better! - Taylor M.
Justin is helping me with digestion issues Ive had for years. He is very knowledgeble and listens to all of my issues. His advises on diet and excersice really changed my life and His teas really helped me^^! I highly recommend Justin if you are looking for a good trustable acupuncturist~ - Saeng P.
Raah Natural Care is the best kept secret in Koreatown! The service is unmatched in quality and care! Had an acupuncture treatment from heaven, yesterday. Amazing ambience, gentle and genuine. Also, the practitioner was warm, very attentive to every concern. I felt as if I were confiding in a close family member or very close friend. Very Knowledgeable about every aspect of my wellness journey. Raah Natural Care come highly recommend! This wondrous, unknown, gem is tucked away in the heart of Koreatown. Easily rated five stars! Make an appointment today, yet don't take my word for it! Go experience for yourself! Then, go and rave to your neighbors, friends, family and co-workers, community members, and social groups! Then share the news the best acupuncture in LA is no longer hidden, it's in Koreatown waiting for you and all who ready for your wellness journey to begin. A very Satisfied Recipient, - Marian M.
I loved my visit with Justin. The space was nicely decorated and clean.  Justin was very knowledgeable and helped me to understand what was happening to my body. I am definitely going back and plan on having a facial as well. - Beatrice L.
Justin is a God sent acupuncture Dr.! He is beyond professional with a touch of passion for each of his patients. He has helped me with various health issues and my mom as well. Therefore, the epitome of eastern medicine. He always has a smile on his face, which reflects dearly off his patients;) and ignites the strongest energy possible in result of overall mental, physical, and emotional health.  - Megan M.
I Just started seeing Justin at Raah but the facility is really lovely and he has been extremely caring and patient with me. He listens to my health concerns and spent hours reviewing my medical and emotional past before we even started the acupuncture process. I highly recommend anyone interested in discovering the benefits of acupuncture to see them. - Amenda W.
I been really happy with my experience with facial massage. I've been using Karen for awhile now. She is extremely friendly and knowledgeable when it comes to facial massage. Techniques used for the facial massage is great. She is also very accommodating and professional. I would recommend to anybody who would like to feel like they are getting treatment at home from their family or friendz, very relaxing, comfortable, but also worth of what you are paying for. I'll definitely see you again Karen~!!!!! - Heidi L.
Great acupuncture and spa experience every time I go. Karen is so professional, caring and nice. Raah Natural Care is such an amazing retreat place, price is reasonable for the quality service I receive. I definitely recommend come here! - Eunjung L.
Raah Natural Care is becoming my home away from home! I was a little hesitant to try acupuncture but Justin just made me feel so rejuvenated. He currently has me on a gluten free and dairy free diet and I'm definitely feeling a lot better! - Taylor M.