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      Welcome to Raah Natural Care — where your body & soul is pampered to maintain your inner & outer beauty. We believe that true beauty comes from a healthy mind, body and nutrition. That is why we focus on you as a whole person.

We are ready to listen. After thorough consultation on your first visit, we will not only address your core issues with many treatment modalities but also give you complete advice on your diet, exercise and life changing habits, so that we can work on your healing process together.

Eastern Medicine is a very comprehensive system of preventative treatment. It works together with your body, to restore true healing power, instead of just suppressing symptoms.

Rest. Relax. Heal.
Experience Holistic Healing with Acupuncture & Herbs at Raah Natural Care.






3407 West 6th Street
Suite 702
Los Angeles, CA 90020



M-W 9a–8p
Th 9a–6p
Fri 9a–8p
Sa 9a–5p

Please call us for an appointment.