BRRR- the winds of Fall...

Finally in Los Angeles Autumn season has arrived.
After the heavy rain couple of days ago, I began to experience cold like symptom.
As I was making  herbal tea to strengthen my qi to fight off the virus, I thought as a practitioner, I should have been more careful with weather changes, since our body is part of this nature which inter-reacts by giving and receiving qi from one another.

Here are some tips to prepare for seasonal changes.

1. Expose ourselves to the nature to so our body can adapt to the change. Go hiking, take a short walk to nearby park or just observe the flowers and trees near your house to see how they are adapting to the seasonal change.
2. Open the window frequently and enjoy the sun. Sunshine is the best barometer of seasonal change.
Encompass the change of season by feeling the change of sunlight.
3. Listen to our body. Our body might crave for more water, or require more sleeping hours. Your body know what we need to prepare for the change. So listen to what your body is telling you and you'll be ready for the next season!